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how do i politely ask him to slam me against a wall and make out with me

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A Man Emailed His Wife A Spreadsheet That Logged All The The Times She'd Said No To Sex




This is it. This is pretty much the pentacle of male privilege in the U.S. When a husband whole heartedly believes that he is a victim to unfair treatment by his wife because she denied him sex 26 times in a month.  

When a man think his pleasures is more important than a women NOT WANTING TO HAVE SEX and since they are married he has every right to her body and by denying him access to her body she is denying him said right. 

He thinks her “excuses” for having sex are also unreasonable. And what are some of those “excuses”?

-She was too tired to have sex.

-She was sick.

-She was too drunk.

-She felt tender (in vaginal region) after having sex the other day.

-They didn’t have enough time because they had somewhere to be. (Which means he was fully prepared to have enough time to get himself off INSIDE his wife while knowing they wouldn’t have enough time for her pleasure)

These are all unreasonable “excuses”

 I saw the Reddit thread, and most people were siding with him because she was committing the unacceptable crime of not having sex with him, and even among those who were more sympathetic were starting with ”he did it in an immature way…BUT” and it’s just so depressing how much people hate women that are not ”fulfilling their purpose” of being fucked by men. 

The comments on the Buzzfeed link are full of women defending the guy.

It makes me so fucking sick.

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I want a relationship that’s just like super cool friendship with like kissing

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John Mccain is in baseball jail.

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you know youve made it when scott spillanes wife is one of your “people you may know” on facebook